Georges StPierre Will Make A Comeback Soon

Georges StPierre is a superstar of UFC in his own right. You might be seeing him soon, coming up against Chael Sonnen.

The latter has been on sky high after a recent victory. He won the fight against opponent Mauricio Rua. The guillotine choke that he executed helped him to win the fight and get the fans talking about the win long after it was over. The rumors are ripe about the upcoming fight of Chael Sonnen against Georges StPierre as well as Anderson Silva.

Sonnen would definitely want to fight against George. It would also coincide with a comeback for the legendary fighter. Both the fighters have not graced the righting ring since their last fight in 2013. Sonnen has now convinced his fans that he would be interested in fighting George and a fight would be scheduled later in the year. Sonnen is confident that the fight would be highly anticipated and fans would look forward to such a fight being scheduled.

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Georges St Pierre And His Plans Of A Comeback

Being a fan of Georges St Pierre means not missing out on his matches, like the one where he fought Nick Diaz at Montreal.

It was part of UFC 158. Of course, he has been missing at the ring for some time. For that reason, most media personnel pose the same question to him as do his fans through the social media outlets. He mostly talks vaguely when he is asked about his potential comeback and when would it be.

However, quite recently, he did offer more information about an upcoming fight. His mind set and what he is thinking about could be guessed from what he had to say. He stated that many people are asking him as to whether he would be challenging Robbie Lawler in the ring who is the current champion in the welterweight category. However, as far as he is concerned, he is not sure whether it would be Robbie Lawler, who he would be challenging or someone else when he decides to come back for a fight. It is also not sure whether he would be looking to challenge a title holder at that time. Hence, it is still unsure about when Georges will come back. Read more »

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