As Georges St-Pierre, the star UFC Legend gets prepared to feature in a comeback fight with Michael Bisping, he has also had the time to laugh off personal attacks from the former.

In a lively news conference held on Friday where their matchup was announced, St-Pierre and Michael Bisping, middleweight champion traded insults as the former makes a return to the MMA after about three and half years of absence.

Showing up to the conference 30 minutes late, the rambunctious Bisping immediately began throwing profane trash talk at the punctilious St-Pierre which the latter duly responded to with his own jabs.

In no time after he arrived, and even before anyone asked a question, Bisping challenged St-Pierre’s height, reach, toughness, and mental fortitude.

Going further, he poked fun at St-Pierre who did not have a belt unlike him.

“Hey Georges, where’s your belt?” Bisping asked, looking down at his own glittery strap. “You don’t have one. The sport moved on, buddy.”

One of the biggest stars in the UFC’ and pay-per-view draws at the while through his long reign atop the 170-pound division, St-Pierre who hails from Montreal walked away from it all in November 2013.

After a long sabbatical leave, the legend is returning to the sport and starting with a 185-pound bout with Bisping, the English veteran who defeated Luke Rockhold last year in a shocking victory.

“I’m not going to be the old GSP,” St-Pierre said.

“If I come back as just the same guy I used to be, I’m going to have a very bad night. If I come back, it’s because I and my training partners are all convinced I’m a better version than I was,” he added.

St-Pierre also believes he has been able to reach a better version so far in his fighting career, and he would be hoping to prove it to everyone soon enough.